The Community Rehabilitation Program

  • Physio & Occupational therapy Center .
  • Speech-language Therapy Clinic.
  • Psychosocial Support Unit.
  • Al Hanan spatialized Center for autism and development delay children.
  • Baitona Optic Center.
  • Baitona center for youth communication.

The Education and Training Program

  • Cultural Child Forum:

    Provides several activities for children such as

    1. Librarian Activities.
    2. Mobile Library Activities.
    3. The summer and winter camps.
    4. Theater Activities.
    5. Drawing Activities.
    6. Entertainment Activities.
  • Education and Training Center.

Emergency Program

The program was established in 2015 in response to the lessons learned from the 2014 escalation in the Gaza Strip with the participation of Humanity and Inclusion (HI). The program consists of three elements. 1st an activated emergency plan agreed upon by NGOs and INGOs, 2nd warehouse contains assistive devices, non-food items, and medical consumables that are distributed during emergencies, and 3rd a total of 70 volunteers from various specializations, who received trainings about working during emergencies and crises.

Local Referral network

It is important to mention that Baitona leads a local referral network "LRN" consist of 37 active INGO’s, NGOs and CBOs in different sectors (Health, Education, Protection, etc.). Baitona supervises and follow up all the referral activities. It aims to ensure the maximum possible accessibility of services for the people with disabilities including, the health and rehabilitation, education, social, livelihood and empowerment services


Congratulations success

The family of the Baytna Association for Development and Community Development and all its employees extend their sincere congratulations and blessings from our colleague Rajab Al-Hissi

There are many reasons why you should choose our home clinic for pronunciation, language and speech problems to treat your child

There are many reasons why you should choose our home clinic for pronunciation, language and speech problems to treat your child Because we are distinguished by

World Humanitarian Day

On the International Day for Humanitarian Action, Baytna Association for Community Development and Development affirms its continuation in adopting humanitarian work

Physiotherapy cases

We accept all physiotherapy cases ✨ Inside our home physical and occupational therapy center, at nominal prices 🌿 Address: North Gaza - Al-Bahr Street - next to the municipality park 💛









Palestine bank

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رمز السوفيت PALSPS22
PS87PALS045300923000993000000 الشيكل
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PS70PALS045300923000293000000 الدينار
PS10PALS045300923000333000000 اليورو

Palestine Islamic Bank

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Baitona for Development and Community Development








Activities and Initiatives


natural therapy

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