Baitona for Community Development (BCD)

Founded in 2003

Legal Status and Registration:

Baitona for Community Development (BCD) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. It was registered in the Ministry of Interior on 20th May 2003 under registration NO. 7284. Baitona’s health services are registered in the Ministry of Health under registration NO. “2007/4H”. The registration number of social affairs is 1045 on 2nd augh. 2003. BCD also has a license from the Ministry of Education and Hight Education under the number 31511228.


Towards Pioneering In Providing Health, Social and Developmental Services to The Palestinian Community


BCD, an independent NGO, seeks to empower the various and most vulnerable segments of Palestinian society in the governorates of Gaza through quality integrated programs (health, educational, social, and developmental) with its commitment to the principles of democracy and human rights.


Observance of the values and customs of society, humanity, social responsibility, ethics, equality and commitment to human rights, and justice.


  • Children.
  • Women and Men.
  • Youth.
  • Old People.
  • People With Disabilities.


  • Activating the role of the Palestinian house in sustainable community development.
  • Early intervention with the family to take care of children from the first year of birth.
  • Reducing psychological and social pressure on children and their families.
  • Providing training opportunities for young people to create a spirit of initiative and leadership in building productive development projects.
  • Spreading community awareness about the principles of democracy and civil society.
  • Work on rehabilitating women to increase their participation in community activities aimed at developing their capabilities and building their independent personality.
  • Providing appropriate opportunities for womens participation in economic development through income-generating projects.
  • Establishing health centers in line with the needs of the Palestinian society.
  • Establishing educational centers and institutions and kindergartens in line with the needs of the Palestinian society.
  • Establishing cultural centers in line with the needs of the Palestinian society.

Abed Al Rahman Mahmoud Mohammed Al Muzanen

executive manager




Ahmed Mohammed Abu Nada

Program Manager