Our Home Association and Al-Wafaa Center organize an entertainment day for the elderly

Our Home Association and Al-Wafaa Center organize an entertainment day for the elderly Baytna Association for Development and Development, in partnership with Al-Wafa Center for Elderly Care, participated in an entertainment event for the elderly In cooperation with Juzoor Foundation for Health and Social Development, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development, at the center's headquarters in Madinat Al-Zahra. central Gaza Strip. The entertainment activity of the Baytna Association was attended by the Executive Director, Abdul Rahman Al-Muzanan, and Prof. Ahmed Moqbel and the Center for the roots of d. Hashem Abu Hashem and Dr. Mohammed Al-Aila Ministry of Health d. Osama Muammar and Dr. Amal Zaqout and the fulfillment center for elderly care m. Basman Al-Ashi. The director of the fulfillment center, M. Basman Al-Ashi with the participants in the event, stressing the importance of these activities in enhancing the psychological aspect of the elderly. Al-Ashi referred to the health and psychological services of the center, which are provided to our elderly, on an ongoing basis, as a humanitarian and religious duty. In turn, the director of our home association, a. Abdul Rahman Al-Muzanan: The attendance at the association’s services provided to the elderly category, praising the success of this event, which confirms their interest in the elderly category. For his part, the Director of the Elderly Health Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Osama Abu Muammar, "Today we participate in this event as our duty towards our elderly, within the framework of the Ministry of Health's concern for the elderly." In turn, the Director of the Elderly Department at the Ministry of Social Development praised the success of this event, expressing his gratitude for the participation of the elderly on this occasion. The visit included entertaining and stimulating activities, and a singing session for our elderly. The participants presented gifts to our fathers and mothers at the center, and an atmosphere of joy and happiness prevailed among the elderly, both men and women, with the participation of the activists of the Baytuna Association and the Roots Foundation. At the end of the event, the participants thanked the Center's management for the warm reception.